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Supporting Wildlife Initiatives to save the Pallas Cat

Pallas’s cat, also known as manul, is a small wild cat found mainly on the Steppes of Central Asia (China and Mongolia), although some examples have actually been sighted in the Himalayas at an altitude of 5500 metres.
Their numbers are unfortunately very low, although covering a very large area. The survival of this cat is threatened by the destruction of its natural habitat, the lack of natural prey and, finally, by man. The species has to face numerous threats. It is hunted for its fur, its fat is used as an ancient medicine for rheumatism, and last but not least, its natural environment is gradually deteriorating as livestock increases throughout Central Asia.
Wildlife Initiative aims to help protect wildlife by involving local communities and basing conservation on scientific research. This NGO was founded as a result of the need to create a well-structured organisation to support a long-term study and conservation programme for the Pallas’s cat in Mongolia. Monge will actively support several Wildlife Initiative projects:

  • Photo trapping to understand the animal, its status, and physical environment.
  • Radio collaring to understand the animal’s behaviour and physical environment.
  • Local community involvement. The involvement of local herders and shepherds is a necessary step in order to conserve the species, both for now and future generations. Herders are involved personally in collecting photo-trap data, and rewarded for doing so.

We will keep you updated on this initiative to help the Pallas’s cat in Mongolia on our Facebook and Instagram social channels.

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