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Feeding our SAR heroes: UCIS once again chooses Monge

Monge’s partnership with U.C.I.S. (Italian Search and Rescue Dog Unit) continues. This association has been coordinating and safeguarding rescue work and workers in Italy since 1988, ensuring that SAR teams are always available to intervene quickly nationwide in case of emergency. In over 30 years of activity, volunteers and their dogs have carried out more than 3,000 rescues, offering their service to the public willingly, free of charge and with absolute commitment and professionalism.

The association’s dog units are currently present in all Italian regions, with more than 100 well-organised support groups under a constant regime of training. This unit represents a huge and invaluable resource where the generosity, dedication, professionalism and commitment of man joins forces with the matchless skills of our most faithful and helpful friend, the dog. U.C.I.S. will continue to use Monge kibbles to nourish its four-legged heroes, and help them grow healthy by feeding them products formulated with essential nutrients for their daily wellbeing.

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