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Pet veterinary care donation bank: veterinary care for those who can’t afford it

The “Banca delle Visite PET” veterinary care donation bank for pets is a solidarity-oriented banking circuit which donates veterinary services to pets in need, and helps owners who are unable to take timely care of their animal in times of personal and/or financial hardship, even temporary. Examinations and tests are essential to find out the state of health of an animal displaying strange symptoms, understand what to do quickly to avoid making matters worse, and how to counter unfortunately frequent incidences of neglect. We live in a world where our four-legged friends are an increasingly integral part of the family and play an important role in our emotional and relational wellbeing.

Our aim is to help those who have an animal but are not in a condition to guarantee the necessary care. Monge is proud to sponsor this important initiative.

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