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of the way we work

A bowlful of values

Come closer and find out more about our guiding principles

A complete range of dry food and wet food

All our product lines, both dry and wet, are produced at a single site, which is also the headquarters and home to all our departments.

Transparency and clarity

Information about our products is communicated directly and clearly on all our packaging and one of the main cornerstones of our promise to our consumers.

Proven certified quality:

Strict tests in accordance with the most stringent international standards guarantee the very highest quality of our supply chain and foods.

Matchless quality/price ratio

A range of brands for every price segment (from Ultra premium to Economy) with a constant eye on ensuring an excellent quality/price ratio

Reduction in environmental impact

Our photovoltaic panels, co-generator and Kawasaki turbine means that 80% of the energy we consume is self-produced.

Made-in-Italy quality

Our formulations and recipes are developed and created in-house by our veterinary nutritionists.

Optimisation of resources

More than 90% of the steam used in the production processes is obtained through the heat recovery of fumes from the co-generator and turbine.

Attention to our local territory

We make sure the resources of local producers play a key role in our product choices and recipes.

Cruelty-free palatability

We have always adopted cruelty-free solutions for product development and palatability testing, which is only carried out with natural voluntary taste tests.

Sustainability right from the word production

Our cans and trays are produced in-house and infinitely recyclable.

Innovation and Research

We constantly study the various needs of dogs and cats by breed, size, lifestyle and age, in order to obtain a healthy, balanced and complete food for each and every animal.

State-of-the-art logistics

Our own fleet of vehicles - most of which are powered by liquefied natural gas - ensures we can guarantee on-time deliveries throughout Italy.

Family commitment

The Monge family is directly involved in every aspect of company life and has personally guaranteed the quality of its products since 1963.

A bowlful of values

Come closer and find out more about our guiding principles

The largest Pet Food plant in Italy.

1 m2
for food production
1 m2
for warehousing and logistics
1 Mln

for finished cans/year


tons of annual DRY food production capacity WET


tons of annual DRY food production capacity DRY


Pallet capacity

Innovative technologies for the well-being of dogs and cats.

The Monge product range is a guarantee for the well-being and nutritional health of dogs and cats.

Monge dedicates energy and investment to searching for innovative, natural and cruelty-free means of developing its products.

The in-house company Research and Development department creates recipe formulations in order to obtain a healthy, balanced and complete food for each and every type of animal.

For some time now, pet food has been breaking new ground and studying the needs of dogs and cats by breed, size, lifestyle and age.

A firm commitment in favour
of a sustainable economy

A firm commitment in favour of a sustainable economy

EAFRD - European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.

Rural Development Program 2014-2020
Measure 4
Action 4.2.1

Project description:

Technological innovation for 100g single-serve paté tray filling and sealing process.

The investment is intended to improve the quality and production of 100g single-serve trays of paté, This involves, in particular, developing products with a single protein source, such as monoprotein chicken, to support a growing market preference in the wet pet food sector for this type of food. New “industry 4.0”-compliant technologies will allow the project to improve how standard and extraordinary production requirements are managed. A new production area will allow the company to respond to market developments without compromising on quality, and increase integration between production, storage, logistics and distribution, in line with the technological and digital development taking place at the Monasterolo di Savigliano production site.

Overall cost: €2,000,000.00
EAFRD quota: € 344,960.00

Project description:

Technological innovation for production and packaging processes for paté in 400g cans, single-serve trays and chunkies in single-serve "doypack" pouches.

The investment program is aimed exclusively at certain types of wet products and, in particular, paté packaged in single-serve trays, cans up to 400 g, or chunkies packaged in single-serve “doypack” pouches.
The specific project objective is to innovate technologies and how production is organized for some of the company’s leading products. Furthermore, the project aims to optimize the use of plants and production flows, and contain costs, all of which represent indispensable conditions for long-term planning strategies capable of having a positive effect on the sector, employment, and the development of the wide range of industries linked to the production of pet food (logistics, distribution, services, etc.)

Overall cost: €1,500,000.00
EAFRD quota: € 258,720.00

Project description:

Investment in tangible fixed assets - Processing, marketing and sales of agricultural products

The project aims to deal with the current criticality in the paté sterilization process. A new group of 8 autoclaves will be positioned alongside the existing autoclaves and used to statically sterilize packaged pate for products up to 100gr, while existing autoclaves will be used to process the remaining formats above 100gr.
This reorganization and setup of the sterilization activity will separate the work performed by the two groups of autoclaves in order to balance out the process and make it more efficient.

The plan is the latest in an overall corporate production strategy aimed at providing full support for the company in its drive towards seizing market opportunities.

Total cost: € 1,010,000
EAFRD quota: € 174,204.80

EX.PRO. (EXport PROduction) – Prog. no. F/170008/00/X42

New products and digital technology for the sustainable development of high quality "Made in Italy" pet food.

Project description:

Project co-financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund - National Operational Program on Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014-2020

AXIS I – Investment Priority 1b – Action 1.1.3

Innovation agreement signed on: 01/07/2020

Concession decree: n. 1933 of 07/07/2021

Project start date: 10/12/2018


Monge intends to employ the Ex.Pro. research and development project to develop new types of products, more complex than traditional ones (maintenance foods), which the pet food market is demonstrating increased interest in. The complexity and innovativeness of these products will, in particular, be determined by the specific reference targets. They will mainly address the weakest members of the canine and feline population, including intolerance, allergies, and acute or chronic eating disorders. The company also aims to develop an integrated computerized management model that brings together production and logistics to take full advantage of the recently-built automated warehouse, thereby contributing to making not only production planning more efficient, but also the complex production systems and technology present in the company.

The two projects designs, although independent in terms of their specific development path (as they concern different areas of company activity), contribute in equal measure to achieving the main central objective of the Ex.Pro. project, i.e. the greater penetration of foreign markets.


Cost admissible for subsidy: €4,956,698.44

Allowable contribution to expenditure: € 1,525,187.01