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Hyperactive dogs: what we need to know and how we should behave

Each and every dog is unique but there are breeds and crossbreeds that have a tendency to be hyperactive and highly vigorous.
Their owners’ own behaviour can often stimulate this excess energy. Interacting with the dog through physical challenge and games, for example, can feed and increase energy levels while even the tone of voice can make an animal still more excited.

How to calm down a hyperactive dog

Calming requires a great deal of active involvement by the owner who will, from time to time, need to reward the animal’s state of calm and tranquillity and ignore the dog’s high-spirited or hyperactive behaviour.
How the owner chooses to handle rewards is another issue to address. The dog becomes excited and agitated at the idea of receiving the reward, and its barking, rubbing and spinning around is often confused by the owner as a sign of “happiness”. This should not be encouraged as, otherwise, the reward simply reinforces such behaviour.

Helping your dog release pent-up energy is certainly one of the best solutions, and a long walk in the park or some outdoor distraction will help your dog come home tired and calm. But, as always, everything depends on the owners and the time they can devote to their little friends.

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