Superpremium nutrition for each canine breed size.

Monge Natural Superpremium line offers a complete and balanced food based on canine breed size. We considered many different aspects; you will notice them when you will start to trust in a company with 50 years of experience in making tasty recipes essential for your dog’s daily wellness.

All our recipes have been formulated to keep your dogs in a normal body condition score, based on their age and activities. Protein sources of superior quality, fat, vitamins and mineral salts are every day the essential nutrients. The line is characterized by more fresh meat and less cereals* (compare to Gemon high premium quality line).

Do not be worry anymore about the right choice for your dog, because Monge Natural Superpremium answered all the questions for you and your dogs. All recipes are no artificial colouring and preservative-free, Made in Italy and No Cruelty Test.

Extra small
They are small dogs up to 2 kg in body weight. Dogs love to live in apartment and city, with special nutritional needs: from now on Monge takes care of them in a dedicate way.

Small dogs weigh from 2 kg to 8kg. Those pets never stop to amaze for their liveliness and energy. Surprise them by yourself with a delicious and made-to-measure pet food.

This category includes dogs weighing from 8kg to 25kg. Medium-size dogs are ideal for families with children, and just like them, our pets need the same love and care.

Large dogs weigh from 25kg to 50kg. Their size often coincide with an increased energy intake. Keep in mind, however, that even a large dog needs a well-balanced pet food.

Speciality and Grain Free
For all dogs with specific nutritional requirements, Monge Natural Superpremium offers the Speciality Line products made for their physiological wellness.

Monge Natural Superpremium products are available in all the best pet shops.