LeChat Excellence Kitten Chicken is now available in a larger size, in addition to the 400gr bag.

LeChat Excellence Kitten Chicken is a complete food for kittens from 0 to 12 months, with chicken (main protein source), rice, eggs and apple.

A complete food formulated with ingredients that ensure every day the well-being of our little friends in the early stages of life. It is produced with quality ingredients and contains superfoods such as eggs, a source of highly digestible proteins with a high biological value, and apple pulp, a source of soluble fiber to support the physiological regularity of the intestinal tract.

In addition, a balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio supports the development of articular cartilages and the skeletal system, while FOS and MOS ensure intestinal wellness.

All LeChat Excellence products are Made in Italy, No Cruelty Test and without artificial dyes and preservatives.