The new line of functional snacks with superfood

Monge Gift is the new line of complementary food for dogs and cats. This complete range of superfood-enriched functional snacks is the result of a passion for research and innovation, and the awareness of the importance of good nutrition: a real treat for our four-legged friends and a gift for their health.

The specially-selected ingredients play a key role and provide our pet’s organism with a high concentration of functional nutrients.
All recipes have been created as exclusive grain-free or gluten-free diets, without any use of cereals, limited calorie intake, and no added sugars or artificial colourings.

This wide range includes snacks formulated with a single animal protein source, which makes them a perfect companion for Monge Natural Superpremium dry and wet foods formulated with the same single protein source.
Each protein has a specific function:

Salmon > Skin
Rabbit > Immunity
Pork > Growth
Duck > Training
Lamb > Agility
Trout > Agility
Vegetables > Digestion

Trout > Growth
Rabbit > Dental care
Pork > Lack of appetite
Salmon > Hairball
Cod > Skin
Duck > Sterilized

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