Monge Easy Green – Now also available the cat litter with 100% Italian Barley

Monge expands its cat litter range with the new Easy Green 100% Italian Barley in 3,8kg format.

The litter is plant-based, ecological and biodegradable, made of 100% Italian Barley and with Odor Stop technology that reduces odors more effectively.

Given the same grain size, Barley has a higher absorption capacity, reducing dust significantly.

It has a “soft touch”: the texture of the granules is soft and gentle on the cat’s paws and is therefore ideal for kittens and senior cats, which often find the granules of mineral and silicon litters unpleasant.

The agglomerating properties of barley allow to scoop out only the necessary waste from the litter box, extending the life of the litter.

Monge Easy Green can be disposed of in the organic waste bin, or the urine balls can be flushed down the toilet with moderation (maximum two at a time).

Available in all pet stores and specialty stores.

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