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The launch of the Monge Gift line of innovative functional snacks has offered pet owners the opportunity to follow a daily diet called ‘Tris Feeding’; a new approach to feeding for the Italian pet food market.

‘Tris Feeding’ brings together three foods with the same animal protein – wet food, dry food and snacks – to create a balanced diet that offers the benefits of all three feeding methods, while ensuring our pets enjoy a perfect daily combination of taste and nutrition.

We suggest providing your pet with Monge Gift during the day between the morning meal of dry food, which provides the energy to get through the day, and the evening wet food meal. Alternatively, you can try mixing dry and wet food in the same bowl, and serve it as two meals – one in the morning and one in the evening – while giving your pet Monge Gift snacks in between.

Take a closer look at all the potential combinations and choose your favourite!


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