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In a world that tends to forget the important stories in life, this film recounts the deep sincere friendship between our founder, Baldassarre Monge, and Alex, his loyal and affectionate dog.
However, Alex was not just Baldassarre’s dog. He was a true friend who shared his owner’s daily joys and challenges. Their bond went beyond the simple affection that exists between a man and his pet.

And so, this is why Baldasarre turned ‘cook’ when a veterinary friend recommended changing Alex’s diet. This inspirational decision would gradually give shape to a dream that we now know of as our company; a company founded on the values of dedication, innovation and love for animals.

We have the sensitive film directing of Luca Lucini and Marcello Lucini to thank for bringing such a deeply personal story, yet with such universal truths, to the screen.

The film is not only a tribute to 60 years of our company, but also, and above all, testimony to the values that have shaped it and continue to represent its heart and soul.

Anyone who has had the good fortune to have experienced the astonishing power of such a pure and honest bond with their pet will have no difficulty identifying with the film and the values it portrays.

We hope you enjoy it.

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