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Policy under art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003

02 June 2015

This site’s Data Controller (the ‘Controller’) strictly respects the privacy of its customers and of the users of this site. This page aims to describe in a transparent, detailed and exhaustive manner the website’s management methods for the processing of visiting user’s personal data.

This policy has been drafted in compliance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”) and of the Order of the Privacy Guarantor of 8th May 2014, with reference to the processing of personal data of users of the website (referred to as the “Website”) by the data Controller thereof.

However, this privacy policy is not related to the services provided by third parties (which it is possible to access via links placed on this Website) and to their procedures for the treatment of personal information.

We advise users to carefully read the privacy policies related to the treatment of user’s personal data, including any potential sharing, on any respective third party website.

This site’s Controller has no control over any such third party and therefore disclaims any liability with regard to the processing of user’s personal data which may take place through such websites.

This policy may be subject to additions or changes in order to update it with respect to the regulations and/or its adequacy with respect to any technical improvements made to the site or to any changes in the scope or in the procedures of data processing.

The site’s Controller shall inform users, through appropriate notices, of any changes; however, it is advisable to regularly check this page to keep yourself updated. Any updated version, which will bear the date on which the change takes place, will be published in a timely manner on this web page and shall be effective immediately effective after such publication.




1. Personal Data Controller

The Controller of personal data collected through this website is Monge & c. S.p.a., an Italian company with registered office at 31, Via Savigliano -12030 Monasterolo di Savigliano (CN), Tax Code and VAT No. 00182160044, e-mail:, also referred to as the “Controller”. A list of possible external data processing entities may be requested by submitting a simple written request to the Controller to the aforementioned contact details.


2. Purposes of data processing

The personal data of website users shall be used by the Controller to meet its requirements for the delivery of agreed services provided therein and to customize and continually improve the user experience of the website user. If the user has not reached the age of 18 (eighteen) years, or does not have legal capacity to act, this Privacy policy is intended for the person recognised for this purpose under Italian law, as only a person who is capable of providing their express consent.


3. Types of data processing

Personal data collected and processed by the Controller relates to any information provided by the user through the contact form published on the Website, any information provided during registration for newsletters, any use of social networking and browsing data, including technical cookies, etc.

3.1 Browsing data and Cookies

3.1.1 Browsing data

Computerised and information systems responsible for the website operation automatically acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data relating to user browsing. The Website collects certain personal information about the user’s browsing, including, but not limited to: IP address, the number of visits, browsing duration, browser used, pages viewed, date and time of access. Browsing data is gathered solely for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the Website and to check its correct operation. They may however, by their very nature, make it possible to trace back, including through processing and in association with other data, the identity of the user.

Browsing data is under no circumstances used for marketing purposes, to define the profiles or personality of the person concerned, for sending advertising material, for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

3.1.2 Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are installed by a website in the temporary memory of the user’s browser (and therefore on the device from which the user connects to that site, such as, but not limited to: PCs, tablets, phones, smartwatches, etc.) and which record information about their browsing activities; such data, if the cookies are not disabled, is communicated to the website which has installed them each time the user returns to visit. Cookies therefore permit the (temporary) recording of information relating to the user’s preferences, and allow the user simplified browsing and greater ease of use and effectiveness of the website.

Cookies are divided into:

  • session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the user closes his browser;
  • persistent cookies, which are stored in the user device for a certain period of time (e.g. in order to facilitate the authentication of the user within the website)
  • owner cookies, which are created and managed directly by the owner of the visited website.
  • third party cookies, which are created and managed by subjects other than the owner of the website visited and over which the Controller has no control.


The installation of cookies, which normally takes place automatically with most browsers, may be prevented by simply disabling the related functions of the browser which enable the receipt of cookies. For more specific and further information regarding cookies, the user can click on the relevant link to the Web browser that he or she normally uses:

  • Firefox;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Bing;
  • Safari;

In particular, the Website installs the following technical cookies, i.e. cookies which allow for proper, simple use of the Website:

(a) Owner’s essential technical cookies (both session and persistent), which allow the user to browse on the website; without such cookies this website would not work. These cookies, in accordance with current regulations, may be installed on the user’s device without prior consent, subject to the requirement of specifying their use in this privacy policy;

(b) Owner’s technical persistent cookie, which facilitates the user’s browsing activity on this website without the information policy on cookies having to be re-submitted to the user once he has clicked on the ‘OK’ button on the banner, or after the user proceeds to browsing the website.

This website also installs, but only with the user’s consent, the following types of third party profiling persistent cookies (which can be present in the following, and others: images, maps, videos, sounds, links to external pages, etc.), whose task is to create individual user profiles to allow the sending of targeted advertisements based on the preferences expressed by the same while browsing the site:

(a) Third party profiling cookies related to social media (both session-based and persistent): some pages of this website feature ‘social plugins’ (allowing, for example, the sharing of the contents of the site directly on social media through simple click through +1 buttons and social widgets) as well as ‘social buttons’, which may allow a third party to issue profiling cookies to the user’s device. The policies of the related social networks, as well as the procedures to delete such cookies, can be found in the following privacy policies:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: altre-tecnologie-simili-da-parte-di-twitter:
  • Google:
  • LinkedIn: policy:
  • Pinterest:
  • MailUp:

(b) Third party profiling cookies related to statistical services (both session-based and persistent): such cookies permit the generation of knowledge of how the user browses the website, allow the assessment and modification, where necessary, of the modes of use of information and services (by way of example, these cookies may, amongst other things: enable knowledge of the number of visitors to this website, the average length of visit, the channels from which the user accesses

this website, the most visited pages, etc.). To do this, the Controller uses, at present, the service provided by (further info can be found following the link: and the Google Analytics service – a web analytics service provided by Google, which sends cookies to the user’s device. The information generated by the cookies about the use of the site by the user is transmitted to Google and stored by Google on servers in the United States (USA). Google uses this information to evaluate the use of the site by the user, to prepare reports on their activities and to provide other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required to do so by law, or if third parties are processing this information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate the user’s IP address with any other data that Google owns. The privacy policy as well as further information are available at these links: and The deleting and blocking of detection procedures through such services are available at the following link:

 (c) Profiling cookies from third parties related to Re-marketing and Behavioural Targeting services (both session-based and persistent): the Website may also use ‘Re-Marketing’ and ‘Behavioural Targeting’ function offered by Google Adwords. These services enable the Controller to optimize and communicate advertisements based on the usage of the Website by the user. This activity is carried out through the tracking of usage data and the use of cookies (for example, but not limited to: DoubleClick Cookies, etc.). It is possible to disable this service directly at this link.

The Controller advises you to visit the following links for more information:


(d) Third party profiling cookies provided by Hotjar Ltd: the Website may use services provided by Hotjar Ltd for the analysis of the operation of the site itself. In particular, Hotjar Ltd may send cookies to the user’s device to perform the following actions:

  • Heat mapping and recording sessions: Heat Mapping services are used to identify over which areas of the page the cursor moves or the mouse clicks, in order to detect which of them attract the most interest. These services allow monitoring and analysis of traffic data and are used to track user behaviour. Some of these services may record sessions and make them available for viewing later. The type of data collected by this service includes the following: cookies, usage data, and various types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service. Privacy policy and other information are available at these links: Deleting and blocking of detection procedures through this service is available at the following link:

 3.1.3 Cookie Policy Management

If the user wants to verify which cookies are installed on his device, and possibly change their preferences, it is possible to autonomously change privacy settings in the control panel of the user’s browser and by visiting this website. Additional background information on browser privacy management can be found at this link.

To verify, and change, if necessary, your choices relating to ‘online behavioural targeting’ (i.e., the settings which allow third parties to post advertisements on websites that you visit, making them more in-line with the needs and interests of the user) we recommend that you visit the following links where you can find information and tools to perform these steps:

Disabling the services which install cookies may impair the user’s ability to use this site and/or prevent the use of the services and features offered.

The permanence of cookies depends on their type: session cookies are deleted when the user closes his browser, while persistent cookies can have different expiry dates. To check the persistence of any cookie you can use tools such as ‘Wappalyzer’ (free download at this link).

3.2 Voluntarily provided information

The data that the user provides optionally and freely by sending e-mails to the addresses indicated on the Website (or by completing and submitting the various forms present on the same) will be acquired by the Controller. In particular, in addition to the user’s e-mail address, required for a reply, any other personal data to which the e-mail may refer or which may be included in the e-mail will be acquired. Such data shall not be disseminated in any way or communicated to third parties other than the Controller’s organization, nor shall it be used to define the profiles or the personality of the person concerned or for direct or indirect commercial or advertising purposes, and shall be kept only for the purposes of conservation of correspondence.

3.3 Newsletter

The newsletter service is reserved for certain categories of registered users. To provide and manage this service, the Controller uses the services and tools provided by the website MailUp. For more information on the processing of personal data by MailUp, the Controller advises careful reading of the information at the following link: Failure to provide personal data shall not otherwise entail any consequence for the user; nonetheless, in the case of the absence of necessary data, the ability of the user to use the requested services may be affected.

3.4 Social Network

The Controller allows the user to share links to the contents of the site using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. The Controller shall not store any password for those accounts. If you want to use these social features, please be aware that we may use your user name and your profile image within the Website.

3.5 Geolocation

While browsing the site, the Controller may collect information on your device, including information about your location. The Controller may use such information to provide you with services and/or adverts available in your region, solely on the basis of your device settings. You may at any time turn off geolocation through your device settings. For more information about how to disable this service on your device, we recommend contacting your mobile service provider or the manufacturer of your device.

3.6 Data processed in connection with the use of services accessible through the use of credentials

Some of the services of the site are reserved to certain categories of registered users. To complete the registration process the user will need to provide the following personal data:

  • name and surname;
  • address;
  • telephone number:
  • e-mail address:

The user shall also specify a username and password. The provision of any other personal information required in the context of the registration procedure is optional and entirely left at the discretion of the user. Data provided for the use of services accessible through the use of credentials, along with a physical address, may also be processed:

  1. to bill the registered user for paying services and/or purchase of products requested;
  2. to send to the registered user updates (including customized updates) on the activities of the site owner, in particular in relation to new services, special offers, new products, surveys, opinions and other types of communication related to the site owner’s services;
  3. for marketing activities carried out by the site owner, including, but not limited to, sending updates and/or newsletters (including customized newsletter) by e-mail about the site owner’s activities/products/initiatives/promotions, and for producing statistical surveys and commercial studies.
  4. for any purpose related to the performance of the service offered by the Website.

Failure to provide personal data shall not entail any consequence for the registered user; nonetheless, in the case of the absence of necessary data, the ability of the user to use the requested services may be affected.


4. Methods of processing and disclosure of personal data

Personal data held for the purposes set out above is processed by the Controller lawfully and appropriately, through the prevalent use of automated or semi-automated systems. Such data shall not be disseminated or communicated in any way to third parties, without prejudice any legal obligations in this respect.

Unless otherwise specified in relation to individual processing purposes as specified above, the personal information collected may be disclosed to, or otherwise become the knowledge of, data processing officers and/or managers (including external), depending on the powers and functions of such, in order to fulfil the above purposes or to meet any contractual and/or regulatory requirements. Personal data processed by the Controller is not generally disclosed to other parties, except where this proves necessary in order to meet regulatory or contractual obligations or to carry out specific duties. In this event, such data may be disclosed, in particular, to the following parties or the following categories of persons, in so far as this is necessary for the fulfilment of legal and/or contractual requirements:

  1. consultants or collaborators, internal and/or external, for compliance with current legislation and/or for the execution of contractual services in dealing with the people concerned (for example, labour consultants, lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, auditors, etc.);
  2. judicial authorities or other public authorities, in compliance with the above mentioned purposes or legal obligations.


5. Optional provision of data and consequences of refusal on the part of the user

Otherwise than where data collection is processed automatically when the user brows the site (navigation data and technical cookies), or where the provision of data is necessary for the purpose of use of the services requested by the user, the provision of all other personal information is entirely optional. Failure to provide personal data shall not entail any detrimental consequence for the user. However, failure to provide necessary data may result in the impossibility of using services for which it is necessary to provide this data.


6. Rights of interested parties

In accordance with art.7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, to the extent that the user is concerned in processing, the user has the right to obtain information about:

  1. the existence of personal data concerning him, if any; its content and origin, as well as its communication in intelligible form; the purposes and modes of processing and the logic used in processing by electronic means;
  2. the parties or categories to whom personal data may be communicated or who may acquire knowledge in their capacity as designated representative in the territory of the State, as managers or agents.

The user also has the right to obtain:

  • the updating, rectification or, if interested, integration of the data;
  • the deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data where retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which such data was collected or subsequently processed;
  • certification that the above-mentioned operations have been notified, including in relation to their contents, to those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or requires a manifestly disproportionate use of means compared to the protected right.

Finally, the user has the right to object, in whole or in part:

  • for legitimate reasons, to the processing of his own personal data, even if for collection purposes;
  • to the processing of his own personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market or commercial communication research.


7. Duration of storage of personal data

The Controller shall keep the personal information of the newsletter subscriber for the period in which their subscription remains active. The Controller shall also keep the user’s additional personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil its obligations under law, resolve disputes and enforce agreements.


8. Information

The above mentioned rights may be exercised by the user at any time, by submitting a simple request to the Controller by registered letter, fax or e-mail at the addresses indicated above. The Controller shall contact or notify the user as soon as possible and no later than 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the request.

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