Monge Natural Superpremium never ceases to amaze you and enriches its product portfolio with delicious new recipes: Monge Supreme, the new line designed for growing kittens, adult cats and sterilised cats, prepared with a soft gelatine and ingredients selected for their nutritional properties.

The recipes are Grain Free and contain valuable Superfoods, rich in antioxidants and minerals:

– Quinoa

– Pumpkin

– Olives

– Broccoli

In addition, all products contain Wonder Sea, delicious pieces of fish with a high biological value, made palatable and digestible through the process of steam cooking.

Monge Supreme recipes are enriched with vegetables and vegetable fibres to help maintain your cat’s ideal body weight and daily vitality. The formulation contains fructo-oligosaccharides (F.O.S.), prebiotics for intestinal well-being.

Monge Supreme is available in 13 delicious recipes in the 80gr pouch format:

Kitten Tuna with Peas and Baby-Carrots

Kitten Tuna with Spinach and Baby-Carrots

Kitten Tuna with Quinoa and Baby-Carrots

Sterilised Tuna with Sole and Peas

Sterilised Tuna with Mullet and green beans

Sterilised Tuna with Quinoa and green beans

Sterilised Tuna with Quinoa and Pumpkin

Adult Tuna with Seabass and Potatoes

Adult Tuna with Broccoli and Baby-Corn

Adult Tuna with Mussels and Olives

Adult Tuna with Peas and Baby-Carrots

Adult Tuna with Quinoa and Seaweeds

Adult Tuna with Pumpkin and Baby-Corn


Monge Supreme is produced in Thailand without added dyes or preservatives and No Cruelty Test.