New products for puppies and kittens have arrived to enrich the Monoprotein product offering, designed to support the well-being of dogs and cats in the early stages of life.

Like all products in the Monge Natural Superpremium line, the new kibbles are complete and balanced foods, developed specifically with the animal’s well-being in mind thanks to the presence of quality ingredients, the result of Made in Italy research.

The monoprotein products are formulated with a single animal protein source that is also the first ingredient and with the inclusion of fresh meat for an ideal digestibility and palatability.

Each recipe is enriched with the latest prebiotics, xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS), to support intestinal wellness and with vegetal ingredients and extracts, such as echinacea root, oregano, garlic, and artichoke extract.

In addition, they contain superfoods such as sunflower seeds, rich in omega 3 for skin and coat wellness, brown rice, a source of fiber, and microalgae to support the neurological and visual system.

Discover all new recipes for a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.



All Breeds Puppy & Junior Monoprotein Trout with Rice and Potatoes / 2.5kg – 12kg

All Breeds Puppy & Junior Monoprotein Pork with Rice and Potatoes / 2.5kg – 12kg

All Breeds Puppy & Junior Monoprotein Duck with Rice and Potatoes / 2.5kg – 12kg

Mini Puppy & Junior Monoprotein Salmon with Rice / 2.5kg – 7.5kg



Kitten Monoprotein Beef / 400gr – 1.5kg

Kitten Monoprotein Duck / 400gr – 1.5kg


Without added dyes and artificial preservatives and No Cruelty Test.